Adapting open source methods to products

How does open hardware improve our lives? What are progressive engineers currently working on? We are dependent on machines and technical equipment, from power generation and industrial agriculture to the production of high-end technologies. But when we take a critical look behind the dazzling facade of 21st century industrial society, we notice that the processes […]

BAC21: Energy and Open Hardware – Workshop in Brussels

Recently i attended the “BAC21: Energy and Open Hardware”-Workshop“ in Brussels, from 11.11. until 13.11.2016. Here is my report about that.. Previous history: In the late summer of 2015 the innovationcamp POC21 happened during 5 weeks in the Chateau de Millemont nearby Paris, with the goal, to bring together 100 makers, designers and innovators for […]

Workshop for the first OpenEcoLab in Munich

The OpenEcoLan Munich is the first free Workshop of Open Source Ecology Germany (OSEG). OpenEcoLabs are like FabLabs, community operated workshops in which Research & Development of Open Source Hardware and Machines is possible. In this way we adapt and live the Open Source Culture in the real world. Through the different OSEG projects, developed […]

First company’s support with a basic income – velaia GmbH

We have the first company to support financially our work! velaia GmbH is giving an unconditional basic income of 1000€ per month to Nikolay Georgiev to continue his work on moving OSE Germany forward. You can find more details here. What we are witnessing is not just a company sponsoring people working on a cause, […]

Support wanted: Microcontroller development for the Wind Turbine Controller

We are working on the completely open and modular research platform for wind energy: TiVA Turbine. -> Tiny Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and need support for the development of the microcontroller (Software and Hardware) of the wind turbine. Scope: Platform AVR (Arduino) or MSP430 Value Line or another low-priced alternative (chipKIT?) Language C / Assembler, […]