BAC21: Energy and Open Hardware – Workshop in Brussels

Recently i attended the “BAC21: Energy and Open Hardware”-Workshop“ in Brussels, from 11.11. until 13.11.2016. Here is my report about that.. Previous history: In the late summer of 2015 the innovationcamp POC21 happened during 5 weeks in the Chateau de Millemont nearby Paris, with the goal, to bring together 100 makers, designers and innovators for […]

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    1. Electric Lighting Construction Sets – Miniature Outdoor Bracket-arm Lighting Fixtures

      Pieces of blue prints with dimensional details of ‚electric lighting construction sets‘ are in place, in the form of some miniature street lanterns (pole side arm bracket positioned).

      There will be in 2 types of designs:
      I – PROFESSIONALLY SHAPED – resembling roughly (in a professional form) the shape and component parts of an ellipsoidal shaped lensed street lantern,
      II – ENTERTAININGLY SHAPED – designed in the more attractive and entertaining shape of some ‚fruit‘ or ‚ice cream‘ plastic cans (packaging containers) which’s shapes are suitable as a miniature lampshade,… or even in forms of can boxes.

      – Voltage: 12V; 24V DC (ripple-free).

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